10 Elements…

My first project in the second year of Press & Editorial Photography is quite challenging yet it gives me a chance to try out a variety of genres and styles of photography. I have to produce a portfolio of images, each one having a genre and the way to shoot it, either it being artificially lit or natural. The genres in themselves are quite broad in what I can actually shoot so it’s going to be a challenge but I think I will find some interesting subjects. 

These are the 10 genres…

1. News Event Picture
Image to illustrate a hard or soft new event, supported by an extended 150 word caption.

2. Mini Feature
3-5 images to illustrate a story.

3. Observed Portrait
Portrait obtained through watching, observed. Natural light only.

4. Lit Portrait
A more formal version of the observed, controlled lighting.

5. Sports Picture
An action image from a sporting event. 

6. Group Picture
An image of a group of people, artificially lit.

7. Music Photograph
A photo of a band at a gig, low light.

8. Lit Product/Still Life
Presented and lit.

9. Creative Standalone
Anything, feature image (has to be creative and beautiful)

10. Fashion Photograph
From the world of fashion, studio or location.

So these genres are a variety of everything and will make me become a better photographer technically and creatively. 


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