Food for thought…

One of the aspects of this project is to capture a still life shot using correct lighting, it can be anything as long as it looks like a product shot and has a bit of a story. I thought I’d try out food photography and ask local cafes if I could capture their delicious food. I wanted to especially go to Picnic a cafe which sells organic Cornwall produce, I wanted to capture the freshness of the food and how it relates to Cornwall.

I have done a little bit of product photography in a studio with a table so I knew how to light it although this was going to be different as I want to shoot on location. So that I wouldn’t get anything wrong I decided to practice at home with food and a lighting kit. I got out a speed light, a soft box, reflector and a stand to hold it all.
I set up the food on the table, first using a bag of coffee, the colours went well with the table which was a bonus. I put the speedlight in the softbox so it diffused the flash, i then placed it beside the product. I played around with the light meter and my camera till I got my desired exposure. I then experimented with angles and reflections. The other food I used were honey, cereal and cakes, these all worked really well and I enjoyed trying to make it look like an advertisement.

I think my practice shoot went well and I’m glad I did it as I now am more confident about going to an actual cafe and photographing their food.

Food Photography Inspiration:
I looked up some food style photography as inspiration for my shoot and i’m hoping this will help create better ideas and images


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