For my Still Life element of the portfolio I’ve been focusing on food photography. I chose to photograph food as It’s fun and you can experiment with angles, the actual food and lighting. I also like making the food look amazing to the audience so much that they want the product. I decided that I’d contact a cafe in Falmouth that sells local Cornish produce as I wanted to promote Cornwall’s amazing food and this little cafe is getting more and more popular. I went in and arranged it all, the staff and manager were all very helpful and happy for me to take photographs.
On the day of the shoot I had just a table for the food and two speedlights, one on a stand with a soft box, I like working with this simple yet effective lighting. I only had a table to work on but their timber tables gives it the natural and rustic feel that I wanted. I used their wall as a background as it had their name on and a map of Cornwall which was perfect. At first I just photographed the produce they sell like sea salt and jam to practice with lighting and angles, I then got out some cakes and tarts to experiment with, unfortunately i couldn’t play with the food too much as customers needed to eat it afterwards. I’m hoping next time to get some cakes myself so i can cut them up and play about. I think for this shoot as it was meant to be simple I didn’t mind too much. 
I’m happy with the results and after editing they have the natural look I was going for.



3 thoughts on “Picnic”

  1. These are so great. I love the first shot. Using the logo in the background was a good idea. You’re brave to put yourself out there and ask the managers to do this! I’d be nervous the shoot would fail and I’d have people asking to see my photos. 🙂 I’m sure you’re more experienced than me. Post more of your food photos!

    1. Thank you so much! I was lucky with the logo on the wall but I thought it was perfect for a backdrop 🙂 It’s all about practice when approaching clients for photoshoots, believe me I still get very nervous and I am only starting out with clients. On this shoot I was nervous at first but then I just warmed into it and the staff were very helpful and friendly. I’m not that experienced but thank you, too kind! I shall play more with food photography and post some!

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