Music Shoots

I tried out a couple of places to photograph music at the weekend, I went to 5 Degrees pub on Friday. Unfortunately i didn’t get many shots as I had a few complications and had to leave early. It did teach me about lighting though and that next time I need to focus more on the highlights and also take a tripod for low light settings. 

I went to Dollys Tea rooms on Monday as they were having a few musicians and poets play. I came more prepared with a tripod and a wide angle zoom lens 14-24mm. I got there and introduced myself, then I set up my tripod, I didn’t have a lot of space as the audience needed room to sit down. The first poet came on and I figured out the right lighting and composition, the first few were a bit shakey but turned out well in the end. More musicians came on and the crowd were buzzing, I think I managed to capture the fun of a guitarist Jack Wallen and his cello player. Overall I think the night went well but next time I’ll make sure I get closer to the subject and hopefully have more room to move. 


Music photography

For my music photography aspect of this project I was going to Miss Peapods for a shoot, however it got cancelled so I had to think of other places. I managed to get into contact with the manager of a pub called 5 Degrees, it has live music most weekends and a band called Skin Tight are playing. They do funk covers mostly and are a five piece ‘rock’ band. I think it will go well and It’s more for practice than final shoots.

10 Elements…

My first project in the second year of Press & Editorial Photography is quite challenging yet it gives me a chance to try out a variety of genres and styles of photography. I have to produce a portfolio of images, each one having a genre and the way to shoot it, either it being artificially lit or natural. The genres in themselves are quite broad in what I can actually shoot so it’s going to be a challenge but I think I will find some interesting subjects. 

These are the 10 genres…

1. News Event Picture
Image to illustrate a hard or soft new event, supported by an extended 150 word caption.

2. Mini Feature
3-5 images to illustrate a story.

3. Observed Portrait
Portrait obtained through watching, observed. Natural light only.

4. Lit Portrait
A more formal version of the observed, controlled lighting.

5. Sports Picture
An action image from a sporting event. 

6. Group Picture
An image of a group of people, artificially lit.

7. Music Photograph
A photo of a band at a gig, low light.

8. Lit Product/Still Life
Presented and lit.

9. Creative Standalone
Anything, feature image (has to be creative and beautiful)

10. Fashion Photograph
From the world of fashion, studio or location.

So these genres are a variety of everything and will make me become a better photographer technically and creatively. 

This is my report and research for a 10 piece portfolio that contains 10 genres of photography that I have explored and shot.