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Sports Action

I found this one the most difficult in trying to actually find a subject, i have never shot any sport at all before let alone an action moment from a competitive game. I was going to try and do some surfing or football but I wanted to try a different sport that was less known. I tried to think of some sports that i could photograph, i first thought of KUng Fu or Martial Arts would be quite interesting to shoot and i knew of a FXU society Arlo Tinsen that i could get in contact with, this unfortunately did not work out as i could not find any competitions, i would like to photograph it anyway perhaps in the future
My second idea was skittles, it’s a more candid relaxed sport in a way but the players also can get quite competitive, i looked into alley skittles first but had no luck getting any competitions or even classes. I then was thinking and i remembered my dad plays pub skittles which is a different kind of sport all together, it is usually played in pubs and the players compete in teams of six taking it in turn to use a disc called a cheese and then throwing it at the pins on the table. the Christmas competition was in teams of 2 and the final match of the year (a special and tense game)
I practiced twice before the final match with my dad and his practice games on a Monday night at the conservative club, i then also practiced on Thursday with a real match between my dads team and 3 conies.
i found it helpful that i did a couple of practice shoots as otherwise i would not have realised how little space i had to work with and also using the tripod and getting the lighting right was hard at times with the movement of the players
in the end i did get some shots but i think if i went again i would take a different lens as my 55-200 and my 18-105mm did work for full shots but i really needed a wider lens or a one with a bigger range. I also tried 50mm but that was only good for close ups as i need to get the player and the table. timing was key with this shoot as well which i did manage to do with practice