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Lit Portraits

I had the most difficulty with this aspect of the portfolio, it was more technical lighting issues. I first tried the studio with my model Beth, i wanted to try hi-key lighting to get a soft light, i used a light on the background, 2 soft boxes at either side of her and a top light. This lighting with a bit of trouble at first did manage to work but it just a
couple of shadows that weren’t very flattering, i couldn’t get them right so i thought i’d try a different way for my next shoot. The next shoot i decided to try on location as the studio i felt was too contrived and wasn’t working in the way i wanted my images to look.

This time i got out a few speedlights and used the D800e for first time, i really got on with this camera and will use it for future shoots.
I set up a speedlight on my camera and a speedlight on a stand with a softbox either side, my models Emily and Joe, i chose outside as Joe is a Marine & Natural History student and i thought it fitted well. I got them to stand in front of some trees and experimented with the lighting, it worked for what i wanted but i now feel that i want to re-shoot as it feels a bit forced and the models aren’t how i want them to look.


The third shoot i did for this lit portrait i wanted to make it more interesting and fun. I used Emily and Joe again as this time i wanted to focus on the way they dress, in mod and punk style clothing. I also used powder paint to splash on their faces to contrast with their hair and black tops. I thought this shoot went well, their personalities came across but in a subtle way and the colours worked in the way i imagined. Rankin was some inspiration for this with his quirky bold fashion portraits

This is the shot i used for my final, Emily my model is wearing a Mod style Fred Perry shirt, I styled her hair to give her volume and also splattered pink and purple dust on her face to compliment the red in her hair and pink on the shirt. It also stood out from the black of the shirt too. I used a direct flash with a diffuser, I wanted strong shadows underneath her chin and nose, I think I would use a reflector next time to achieve a different look but i do think the shadows work and give an edge.
This is one I took of Joe, his style is Punk and he has a blue Mohawk which was perfect for the shoot. I used yellow and green powder this time to compliment his blue hair and the black shirt again for contrast. This one we were experimenting with poses and this one worked well for the attitude and confident stance I wanted.


Group Photography

I found the Group Photograph part of this portfolio the most challenging as directing a group of people can be quite hard and to get them all without blinking and lit evenly. My first idea was to photograph the Womens Institue as i thought this would be an interesting image of them all around having tea or discussing events. Unfortunately they said they were not keen on anybody taking photographs as of their busy schedule and would not be free till after the deadline. 

The second idea for my group shot was of my work friends, this in my head did look well composed and it would have been a good image as it was Christmas time and we had a ‘fun dress up charity event’ so i thought it would be interesting, this did not work out as well as i’d hoped, my colleagues were quite shy infront of the camera and the warehouse did not make a great backdrop, also with little time on my hands to shoot. It was good for a practice with the flash but not for a final


The third group shot i did was of some Creative Events Management students at an event they had to create about careers and placements, it was a good opportunity to photograph people who didn’t know me and also these were more confident subjects as well. The lighting was just a flashgun so it wasn’t lit on the legs as much, so next time for group i know to take more lights  and an assistant
overall i just need to be more directive to the subjects and not be hesitant in saying what i want.

Creative Futures at Falmouth University